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here are some - email me for an excel file (archive)

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Posted by no longer posting here on May 17, 2001 at 09:24:28:

In Reply to: Which rims are the lightest weight 17" rims? posted by Jim M3 on May 17, 2001 at 09:07:43:

Racing Sparco Viper R (Japan Only) Forged 17x7 13.6
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US) SSF 17x7.5 13.7
Aguzze S-07R Forged 17x7.5 14
Rota Subzero Cast 17x7.5 14
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US) SSF 17x8 14.4
Impul NS-01R Forged 17x7.5 14.5
Stark MS Forged 17x8 14.6
Volk SE-37K Forged 17x7.5 15
Volk TE-37 Forged 17x7.5 15
Advan Racing RG Cast 17x7.5 15.2
OZ Superleggera Cast 17x7 15.4
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US) SSF 17x9 15.5
Wed's RS-5 Super Street Cast 17x7.5 15.6
Fikse FM-5 Forged 17x8.5 16
Tecnomagnesio Cast Mg 17x8 16.3
Racing Sparco Viper R (Japan Only) Forged 18x8.5 16.3
Fikse FM-5 Forged 17x10 16.5
Power Racing VS-04 Cast 17x7 16.5
SSR GT1 SSF 17x7 16.5
RS Watanabe Forged Mg 19x8 16.5
Kosei K1 Racing Cast 17x7.5 16.7
SSR S1 SSF 17x7 16.8
Wed's TC-005 SSF 18x7.5 16.8
Lenso VPD Cast 17x7 17
MOMO Superlight Forged 17x7 17
Racing Hart CP8 SSF 17x7 17
SSR Integral SSF 17x7 17
Nismo LM GT Magnesium Forged Mg 18x10 17.1
BBS RK Cast 17x7 17.2
Work CR-02 Cast 17x7 17.4
Work Rezax III Mag Forged Mg 18x8 17.4
5Zigen N1R-SP08 Cast 17x7 17.5
BBS RC Cast (soft) 17x7 17.5
Mugen MZ3x Cast 17x7 17.5
Enkei RPO-1 Cast 17x9 17.5
IFG A5 Forged 17x9 17.5
OZ Superleggera Cast 18x8 17.6
SSR GT1 SSF 17x8 17.8
Konig Toxin Cast 18x7.5 17.8
Konig Tuner Cast 17x7 18
BBS RK Cast 17x8 18
SSR Integral SSF 17x8 18
Racing Hart CP10 SSF 18x8 18
Hamann Magnesium Forged 19x8.5 18
BBS RK Cast 18x7.5 18.2
Revolution RZX Race * Cast 17x7 18.3
TGF MX Cast 17x7 18.3
Formula F1 (TE-37 copy) Cast 17x7 18.5
TRD Sports T3 Forged 17x7.5 18.5
BBS RC Cast (soft) 17x8 18.5
Advan Racing RA3-DT Cast 17x9.5 18.5
TRD Sports T3 Forged 17x8 18.7
SSR Integral SSF 17x9 18.8
5Zigen Imperio Mo5 Cast 17x7 19
TRD Sports T3 Forged 17x8.5 19
BBS Challenge Cast 18x8 19
SSR GT1 SSF 18x8 19
Work Rezax II Mag Forged Mg 18x8.5 19
Enkei RS Evolution Cast 17x7 19.4
Konig GT-R Cast 17x7 19.5
Tenzo-R Shu-4 Cast 17x7 19.5
Kinesis K5 Forged/Cast 17x8 19.5
Kinesis K20 Forged/Cast 17x9 19.5
Formula F1 (TE-37 copy) Cast 18x7 19.5
Enkei Zoku Cast 17x7 19.8
Advan Racing TC Cast 18x7.5 19.8
Kinesis K20 Forged/Cast 17x10 20
Enkei TBS1 Cast 17x7 20
Konig Elan Cast 17x7 20
Mugen M12 (made by OZ Racing) Cast 17x7 20
Tenzo-R AV7 Cast 17x7 20
SSR Integral SSF 18x8 20
Konig Drift Cast 17x7 20.2
ADR 39 (Intercrew) Cast 17x7 20.3
Tenzo-R Poke-10 Cast 17x7 20.3
ADR Revolution Cast 17x7 20.5
Advan Racing RA3-DT Cast 18x10 20.5
ALT X-phile Cast 17x7 20.8
Axis Ne-O Cast 17x7 20.8
Nippon Racing Formula 1 Cast 17x7 20.8
Tenzo-R 2-Type Cast 17x7 20.8
Work CR-03 Cast 18x8 20.9
Borbet Type E Cast 17x7 21
DTM FS-02 Cast 17x7 21
Konig Monsoon Cast 17x7 21
Nippon Racing Evolution Cast 17x7 21
Nippon Racing Intertouring Cup Cast 17x7 21
Nippon Racing Taiko Cast 17x7 21
Konig DTM Cast 17x7.5 21
Konig Impact Cast 17x7.5 21
Konig Elan Cast 18x8 21
Team Dynamics Qualifier Cast 18x8 21
Kinesis K28 Forged/Cast 18x8.5 21
ABT-Sportsline V1 Cast 17x7.5 21.3
American Racing AR-222 (Pinzetti) Cast 17x7 21.5
Enkei Suzuka Cast 17x7 21.5
SpeedLite Racing Formula Cast 17x7 21.5
Stern Sports Line LIIva Forged/Cast 17x7 21.5
Axis Starz Cast 17x7 21.8
Nippon Racing Version 2 Cast 17x7 21.8
Kosei S5R Cast 17x7 22
Mackin Gewalt Cast 17x7 22
Nippon Racing Sassy Cast 17x7 22
Konig Cobra Cast 17x7.5 22
Team Dynamics Rim 2000 Cast 17x7.5 22
Manaray SP Cast 17x8.5 22
Mille Miglia MM 11 Sport Cast 17x8.5 22
Konig Drift Cast 18x8 22
ALT Slash Cast 17x7 22.3
Nippon Racing Hyperspeed Cast 17x7 22.3
Nippon Racing Indy Cup Cast 17x7 22.3
Panther EMR200 Cast 17x7 22.3
SSR Vienna SSF/Cast 18x8.5 22.3
Enkei Inazuma Cast 17x7 22.5
Revolution RZX Rally * Cast 17x7 22.5
ABT-Sportsline A-23 Cast 17x7.5 22.5
Revolution RZX Road * Cast 17x7.5 22.5
Stillen GTV Cast 17x9 22.5
Borbet Type S Cast 18x8 22.5
Borbet Type TD Cast 18x8 22.5
Nippon Racing Version 5 Cast 17x7 22.8
Konig Rush Cast 18x7.5 22.8
5Zigen Copse Cast 17x7 23
ALT Seven Cast 17x7 23
Nippon Racing Wishbone Cast 17x7 23
TRM Typhoon Cast 17x7 23
Axis Touring Cup Cast 18x7 23
Ace A151 (Spade) Cast 18x7.5 23
BMW Parallels Forged 18x8 23
Kinesis K58 Forged/Cast 18x8 23
Billit Specialties E1 Cast 17x7 23.3
Fittipaldi 500 SS Cast 17x7 23.3
Mille Miglia Evo Cast 17x7 23.3
TSW Big Deep Cast 17x7 23.3
ROH Astron Cast 17x7.5 23.3
Fittipaldi 916 SP Cast 18x8 23.3
Fittipaldi Vela Cast 18x8 23.3
Konig Monsoon Cast 18x7.5 23.4
ADR Lightning Cast 17x7 23.5
Breyton Inspiration Cast 17x7 23.5
Focal F5 Cast 17x7 23.5
Stern Leacher Cast 17x7 23.5
Stern Intertouring Cast 17x8 23.5
Simmons F-Series Cast 17x10 23.8
Konig Rated-R Cast 17x7 23.8
TSW Hockenheim Cast 17x8 23.8
Manaray SP Cast 17x10 24
Speedy Wheels Toskana Cast 17x7 24
Detata DT-111 Cast 17x7.5 24
OZ F1 Plus Cast 17x7.5 24
Katana Concept Six Cast 18x7.5 24
Zen Racing Matrix Cast 18x7.5 24
Ronal R-7 (Bulldog) Cast 18x8 24
Team Dynamics Motorsport Cast 18x8 24
Zenetti Cast 18x8.5 24
Giovanna Kobe Cast 18x7.5 24.3
Quantum Tek S-10 Cast 18x7.5 24.3
Ronal LV (Spider) Cast 18x8.5 24.3
Axis Seven Cast 19x8 24.3
Panther EMR175 Cast 17x7 24.5
American Racing AR-245 (Twisted Tuner) Cast 18x7 24.5
Altstadt IV Cast 18x8.5 24.5
Tecnomagnesio Sport Cast 17x7 24.8
Niche Throttle Cast 17x7.5 24.8
Ultra Wheels Cast 17x7.5 24.8
ABT-Sportsline A-16 Cast 17x8 24.8
OZ F1 Cup Cast 17x7 25
Raptor Racing MZ-1 Cast 17x7 25
Ultra Wheels Cast 17x7 25
Advan Siena Generation II Cast 18x10 25
Giovanna Kyoto Cast 18x7.5 25
Katana Ducati Cast 18x7.5 25
Volk SS Cast 18x7.5 25
CEC Type 149 Cast 18x8 25
Hartge Nova 3 Cast 18x8.5 25
Speedy Wheels Nexxus Cast 18x7.5 25.3
Zen Racing Race Cast 18x7.5 25.3
Kosei Seneka RG Cast 18x8 25.3
OZ F1 Cup Cast 18x8 25.3
Niche Bella Cast 17x7 25.5
TSW Hockenheim Cast 18x8 25.5
Advan Super Advan Generation II Cast 18x9.5 25.5
Racing Dynamics RS-2 Cast 19x10 25.5
ATP SPA Cast 17x8.5 25.8
Blitz Technospeed Z1 Forged/Cast 18x10 25.8
Detata DT-105 Cast 17x8 26
OZ Superturismo Cast 18x8 26
Focal R3 Cast 18x7 26.3
Giovanna Kuji Cast 18x7.5 26.3
Racing Hart M6 Cast 18x7.5 26.3
OZ Volcano Cast 18x8 26.3
Ace A164 (Desire) Cast 18x8.5 26.5
Arelli Tranz Cast 18x8.5 26.5
Simmons OM-Series Cast 18x9 26.5
Katana Berlini Cast 18x8 26.7
AEZ Bimo Cast 18x8.5 26.8
Blitz Type 03 Forged/Cast 18x9 26.8
OZ Mito Modular Cast 17x7 27
Fittipaldi AV3 Cast 17x8 27
Enkei Gattling Cast 18x10 27
MHT Qwan Cast 18x8 27
TSW VX1 Cast 18x8 27
MOMO Racer Cast 17x8 27.3
Focal G7 Cast 18x7 27.3
Ace A157 (Monaco) Cast 19x8 27.3
AEZ Paron Cast 18x8.5 27.4
MHT Driv Cast 17x7 27.5
TSW Spirit Cast 18x8 27.5
RDSport RS-4 Cast 19x9.5 27.5
ADR 43 (X-Factor) Cast 19x8 27.8
Breyton Magic Cast 18x8.5 28
DAZZ Matrix Cast 19x9.5 28
ATP PT5 Cast 17x7.5 28.3
Detata DT-109 Cast 17x7.5 28.3
Enzo Cup Cast 17x8 28.8
Borbet Type C Cast 17x7.5 29
Giovanna Rio Cast 18x8.5 29
Quantum Tek S-05 Cast 18x7.5 29.3
Carlsson Design 1/5 Cast 18x8.5 29.3
Racing Dynamics RGQ Cast 19x9.5 29.5
Enkei Phalenx Cast 19x10 29.8
ADR 42 (M-Classic) Cast 20x8.5 29.8
Arelli Kaz'mir Cast 18x8.5 30
Concept Neeper Haaz Cast 18x8.5 30.3
TSW SGV Cast 18x8 30.5
AEZ Simas X Cast 18x8.5 30.5
MHT V-10 Cast 20x8.5 30.5
Anterra Type 183 Cast 18x8 30.8
Lexani Synergy Cast 18x8 30.8
Hartge Classic Cast 19x9.5 30.8
Hartge Nova 5 Cast 19x9.5 31
Fittipaldi Argus Cast 20x8.5 31
Alba 907(Blaze) Cast 20x8.5 31.5
Azev Type LS Cast 18x8.5 32
Concept Neeper Fly Cast 20x8.5 32
Alba 707 (Bertha) Cast 18x7.5 33
Carlsson Design 2/5 Cast 18x8.5 33
Azzur Matrix Cast 20x8.5 33
Alba 804 (Delta) Cast 18x8.5 33.3
Carlsson Design 1/6 EVO Cast 19x8.5 33.3
Niche Pultec Cast 20x8.5 33.8
Lexani Krystal Cast 18x8 34
Speedy Wheels G-Force Cast 20x8.5 35.3
Giovanna Boizano Cast 20x8.5 37
Lowenhart LD-1 Cast 20x9 38.5
Arelli DeLemma Cast 20x8.5 38.8
Zenetti Cast 20x8.5 39.8
Lowenhart BS-D Cast 20x10 42
Ultra Wheels Cast 20x8.5 44.5
Giovanna Barletta Cast 20x8.5 46

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