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Remove thumb from ass. Sell the S2000. (archive)

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Posted by Buy used NSX. on January 16, 2000 at 08:08:10:

In Reply to: S2000 Z3 COMPARISON (OWN BOTH) posted by BreytonBMW on January 15, 2000 at 20:50:10:

: I come on here to set the record straight. I am not going to be like many of you on here and SPECULATE on what the s2000 can do and trash it becuase it doesnt have the fancy blue and white badge. I also have had great experience with my Z3 Ownership. So after Months of driving the s2000 I would like to go through some thoughtful comparisons.
: First off I am very lucky to have acquired the S2000 at MSRP. A good hearted dealer and a year and half down payment helped me out. Needless to say i was thrilled to pick up my RED on Black S2000. So here goes the comparisson.
: The S2000 does look very sharp in person, magazine shots dont give it justice. When you sit in the car it is much more like you are in a cockpit, seats are very snug. Immediately I was suprised on, although very little torque, the car has descent pull even low down. The true enjoyment comes when you approach Vtec, at the point where i shift my Z3 at Redline, this car jumps to life. Feelin and Hearing the engine scream from 7000 to 9000 rpms is awesome to put it short. It truly sounds better than any car i have ever been it, except 355 spider. The shifts are extremely short, but a little notchy, and agressive shifting from 1st to 2nd result in a lot of "grind" if driver is not skilled. The radio is Junk. Digital Display makes me feel like i am driving in a video game, but it somehow adds to the emotion of the car. And I love the Xenon standard lights..very cool. The greatest attribute of this car is truly the handling. I know you guys are prone to knock the lack of torque, or design, but the one thing that is truly amazing is the handling, feel, grip, etc.. The car litterally is on rails and makes my Z3 feel like a lincoln town car. The Chasis is so solid and it truly feels like a non-convertible.
: I own a 2.8 Z3 also. (My friens has an M roadster). First off i would like to say that BMW was very smart in doing away with the 4cylinder Z3. When I think that an S2000 (without guaging) is the same price as a 1.9 z3 it makes me shake my head. The honda simply embarresses that car. And lets be real people, there are a lot of 1.9 drivers on here who claim "my leighter 1.9 can hang with M roadsters in the Twisties" (wherever the twisties are?) The Truth is an M roadster or an S2000 would be so far ahead of a 1.9 that they would be home already eating lunch before the 1.9 reaches the twisties. Anyway..the s2000 handles better than any 1.9 or 2.8 or M, and that is a fact. Looking at new MT 70+mph in slalom and .96g skidpad truly do hint at the greatness of the Hondas handling.
: So which is better? Well I will start by saying that there is no definate answer, let me explore why. First off i love cars, i love bmw becuase they make great cars, but i dont insult honda because it isnt a BMW, like many people on this board do. I wonder what the Ferrari board says about us. Anyway, this is a comparisson that is based on being blindfolded (badge doesnt matter). I like m3 Z3 bceuase it is sporty and comfortable, My GF and any passenger in the s2000 hates ir because their knees have nowhere to go, it really is very uncomfortable. I love my 6 cylinder Z3 becuase i dont have to find gears to get up and go, and it has enough pull in every to make it a lively partner. On the other hand the s2000 recquires you to be in the lowest gear, not bad just a different feeling. The s2000 handles incredible, it makes me wish BMW had developed the Z3 from scratch and not use parts bin. Any of you who have truly driven the s2000 know what i am talking about. A lot of times the z3 has very "loose" and "floaty" steering feel, thus driver confidence to push the car to the edge is weakened. The Z3 handles well but you dont feel the road as you do in the Honda. The s2000 is fast, very fast. One thing i like is that the s2000 is easy to launch off the line, very little torque means you can rev to like 4000, let off, chirp and GO!. Those of you who have a 2.8 or even better M, know how difficult it is the launch BMW's agreesively withought getting tremendous amounts of wheels spin. I have embaressed many ego conscious man in their M3's with their "U SO SLOW" special liscence plates. After easily beating an M3 i thought that it is about time BMW dropped some real power into the M3, and upcomming model seems very very exciting indeed.
: In conclusion i will sum it like this. The Z3 is a great car. The s2000 is a race car. I love the Z3 because it blends elements of performance and comfort, in order to appeal to everyone. The S2000 screams "screw everyone" the seats are horribly uncomfortable, the ride is very hard and rough, steering is point and shoot, and it brakes on a dime. Basically a car like the s2000 can not be driven on a daily basis. Weather aside, the Z3 can. All i ask is that people in here start to respect cars for their engineering, and not make name calling because of different badges on the hood. People on here look for reasons to knock the s2000 becuase they can not accept that a $33,000 honda leaves all z3 in the dust, bar the M roadster. My point its that they are both great in their respective souls. Z3 blends comfort and performance that is unmatched, the s2000 makes you want put on those driving shoes and gloves, and have some juvenile fun. I feel like i'm in Le Mans with the engine screaming, and quick downshifts unmatched by anycar i have been in. I just think its time to STOP TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DONT KNOW ON THIS BOARD. Many of you speculate without ever driving what you are talking about. Having owned both I can honestly say i am very impressed by the s2000. I may never buy any other japense car (except nsx) in the future, but i love this little honda. The fun experienced is truly unmatched if you are like me and LOVE to DRIVE, not be seen in "my pretentious BMW" blah. It is time this board expand their horizons, and take their hat off to honda for raising the bar in the roadster market. It is my hope that BMW will focus more on the performance, and sacrafice some comfort, for the next generation Z. I truly believe that a roadster should be a little edgy to drive, makes it exciting. I know BMW created the Z3 as an "image" car with the 1.9, a true joke in performance, and has slowly expanded to adding 6 cylinders and the awesome M. Please dont respong to this with "my 1.9 is not a joke" because i dont want to hear it (and the pinto is a chick magnet). Both these cars are great. Honda is truly race inspired that takes full driver envolvement to make it shine, and that is definately not the type of car for everyone, some guy asked me the other night if "it comes in automatic for my wife", i just shook my head thinking some people just dont get it. Even Boxster new S version falls short of the s2000 in performance and that thing is 50k+, hats off to Honda. I love both of these cars, but i am open minded. I just get a little tired of the pompus anal arguements about the s2000, which are pure signs of insecurity about the s2000. If i drove a 1.9 i would be insecure about the s2000, becuase it will eat you for breakfast on the road. Just my 2cents...thank you

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