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Keeping Up... (mondolongo) any help? (archive)

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Posted by Rachel on October 24, 2000 at 09:58:34:

In Reply to: Thanks Rachel (m) posted by ZRDSTER on October 23, 2000 at 15:34:33:

There seems to be a good deal of interest in it. There are several folks in the area who have attempted to organize something. Hopefully together we can get right. Maybe one day we can get a group form the VA/MD/DC area, PA/NJ/DE and NY areas together for a huge gathering somewhere.

Ja well, when the days get longer I'd be interested in coming down for a cruise. VA/MD/DC Z3ers have been coming up for a while- and they are appreciated! (Although I do have a problem with Virginia... and Delaware)

IWe hear, from one who attended, that your Catskills Cruise was great (except that they couldn't keep up with you)...

I am getting pretty confused/annoyed by all this. When I first started driving the Z3, I enjoyed curvy roads at 35mph- and was often subject to other drivers passing me shaking their fists and telling me to "learn to drive that car".
Then I started hanging out with Z3ers...
And taking driving courses...
I couldn't "keep up" with walter, with Stu.. (it's all in the archives and repeated in Emmy's Adventures in 98) with DC and RichC- I went to Derek Daly School after the Moo Cruise (recommended by a Z3er, John Corby), and I was absolutely the slowest in the class, I didn't even finish... I took the BMW UDE and also was the slowest... on my first local runs, Catskills Best Roads and Sleepy Hollow Best Roads, I had either a 1.9 or a 2.3 up my butt the entire time. I kept admonishing the drivers to "back off my bumper" on the TalkAbout (Pete O and BrianW), and when I follow the Texans (Bryan...) or JohnB, I am like a little kid trying to "keep up"- not to mention that DaveT, who followed me on every cruise I have done this year, is always right behind me in his stock 2.3, I actually apologized to DougP on the Dragon, because I did not go fast enough to stay ahead of him, and I had insisted I get in front of him so I could follow Bryan. I got behind DougP at the next opportunity.

I get very nervous when someone is too close behind me, I have been rear ended 4 times, (one was written up in Roundel), so sometimes I like to get a little ahead and I believe in spreading the cars out over a looooong road. I use the generally LEGAL stopping distances defined in driver's tests as my guide. (I rear ended JonT once already, and I have nearly killed DaveT more than once because I stopped short)

I have never lost anyone on a drive, and I INSIST that people drive SAFELY and NOT TRY TO KEEP UP!! ONLY A VERY STUPID PERSON WOULD LET ANOTHER PERSON DICTATE THEIR SPEED. All drives I design so that people can drive and stop and go as slow as they like, and still meet up- just like I would have liked as a driver who LIKES to go 35 mph and didn't like it at all when people shook their fists at me and told me to drive faster.

I don't get why it's becoming a common credo to say I drive fast, and I do not want to attract the kind of drivers who are out to prove anything by coming out to drives to prove how fast they can drive. Everyone is always welcome to pass me.

Truth, I am considering stopping leading and canceling my next drive- all I hear is bitching and these rumors while we're on roads and routes and in restaurants I have worked hard to provide. That's another reason why I am so happy to see new people stepping up to organize drives.

Guess what? It's a HELLUVA lot easier to follow than to lead. I am often appalled at the behavior of people on drives. I have never given anyone a hard time on their cruise, never complained, always abided by their rules, always came prepared to get lost or separated from the group and NEVER dissed them afterwards on email lists or the Message Board. It's like coming to a party at someone's house and insulting their food and the music they chose to entertain, or putting down their decor to friends after the visit.

Beyond all that, people do not abide by the rules I set, and then they complain about the very problems they caused!

(Mind you, all the people I mentioned here, I meant to say that what they did was perfectly normal and right, not a put down in any way. They were not driving "too fast" or doing anything wrong, and no one has given them a hard time AFAIK.)

I have encouraged everyone in my area and extended area to organize drives, and I come out to support their events. I rode with everyone else on their drives before I led my own drives. I think maybe everyone sees other people complaining so they don't want to take a chance at leading themselves- and at this point, I don't blame them.

One last thing :-) any word on another "fix-it" day?


Same thing pretty much, I work hard to provide something everyone enjoys and then have to take on Z3ers who do not respect my autothority at the dealership or with the vendors I find- (not to even mention the non-Z3ers who start whining that I should include them). Everyone feels very free to give me a hard time, and only one or two offers to HELP. ( I cherish the few who are helpful. )

If not for the donations to Make A Wish and the other charity organizations (which frankly, not everyone participates, they leave it to the few generous folks) and the one or two great people I have had the good fortune to meet through these adventures, I would have given up already.

All the vendors are ready and willing to participate this year, and there is plenty of participants waiting for this event, but there are also some troublemakers and frankly, I don't know if I am up for more fighting and complaining and pot shots. Maybe you would like to organize the event this year? Or maybe you would volunteer to be my bouncer?

Would anyone like to help?


00/2.3/Topaz, Black, Beige......
23,000+ miles and still grinning

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That is just terrific, building a new local group or Z3ers! You have some excellent roads and some wonderful people down thataway, and you sure got the fall colors.

Great to see people getting together to make more fun trips!!

Congratulations, look forward to seeing more of your exploits


A couple of us got together this past Saturday to discuss a possible Cruise before the weather goes to much farther south. Hopefully we can get something together.. If I have done this corect, there are a couple of pictures attached or at the link below. If not, sorry and I will try again.

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Questions, comments, or problems, please visit the Roadfly help desk. Logo © 1997 - 2018 Jump Internet Inc. All rights reserved.