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Posted by PLEASE HELP on March 08, 2001 at 23:39:27:

Save yourselves. Save your children and your grandchildren.


On July 4, 1947 something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. There is much documentation regarding this situation and it is obvious a conspiracy to cover-up the incident ensued.

Human knowledge of technology received a jump-start after this incident, from lasers to fiber optics to the integrated circuit. But some remained secret. It took a couple of decades but the technology from this craft was deciphered and is wrecking havoc in the affluent countries of the world.

One can be convicted of murder based on circumstantial evidence, and although the Kennedy Family curse is just that, I see it as more concrete, and is my most powerful piece of evidence.
Joseph Kennedy amassed his fortune bootlegging alcohol during prohibition, putting him in direct competition with the powerful and ever-strengthening Italian Mafia at that time. Because he took food from their children's mouths, they vowed revenge, and they got it.
1944 - Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., the eldest son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, is killed at age 29 when his plane exploded over the English Channel while on a secret World War II bombing mission.
1948 - Just 28, Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, dies with her lover in the crash of a small plane in the south of France.

11/22/63 - Marilyn Monroe's murder was the last straw. The execution of JFK. This hit had to be cleaned up as well with the assassination of Oswald.

The RFK assassination. I still wonder if they had the technology in place for this murder.

Something changed near this time, around 1970. The technology found was deciphered and a new tool came into play. Because of its political contacts, the Mafia now had access to a new weapon. This new tool is a telepathic device. And it can effect and change people's thoughts and behaviors.

The Kennedy Family Curse changed from physical violence to what I call "mental violence". The vendetta took a new twist: behavioral modifications: Senator Edward Kennedy's incident at Chappaquidick, William Kennedy Smith rape case and John John's fatal plane crash. But important people aren't the only ones who suffer from their intergenerational vendetta. Ordinary people do, too, because of the actions of themselves, their fathers or even their grandfathers. Because someone crossed the organization. This is what happened to Mark Chapman and John Hinkley. They were the Mafia's tools used to accomplish certain major goals.

The organization brought the right people in to set things up for maximum benefit and revenue for their organization. As a result, they wanted a societal shift, and they got it in the early 1980s. The 1970s provided the greatest music in history, and it affected society's views on life. They wanted to change society's focus from a societal/cultural/youth-based culture to a greed based society, in the process enhancing productivity and increasing profits. So they finished off the supergroups of the 70s and murdered John Lennon. Instead of Zep and Floyd, young people idolized and idealized the likes of the ultimate greedy young Republican, Alex Keaton of the show Family Ties.

One family emerged victorious and dominant from the Mafia wars of the 20th century. This has resulted in a new class of the wealthy, the liquid, and his family has assets far in excess of a trillion dollars. Bill Gates is the richest man only in public records.

Control is crucial with the telepathic device. Without it, his family would certainly be challenged, putting their lives at risk. They have retained the value system of the old country: they value family over all else. They use this value system as a weapon and attack the family of their enemies, knowing it is the most agonizing pain they can inflict. An inter-generational vendetta. Like the Mafia wars of the 20th century illustrate, they have no value for human life. I think some of their women may have a bit of human blood in them, though, and the Hinkley hit on Reagan was their response to the Lennon murder. But their leaders weren't going to let Reagan die, which by all accounts he should have.

In 2000 they got revenge for the Stephen King automobile accident by murdering Bryan Smith, the man who almost killed him. Does the Oklahoma City bombing sound like the typical behavior of a white man??? I would be interested in research into the McVey family background. Jeffrey Dahmer's behavior indicated he was one of their victims. Interviews of his parents are numerous on shows like American Justice, and any professional would be hard pressed to argue mental illness. They appear to be, and I am sure are, loving, caring parents. I would be interested in his family tree, so see if there was a family history. This research has already been done. If not from his upbringing, how could he have developed such depraved sickness? Drugs? You tell me. The young in the United States who haven't used are the freaks. The fact his father is still alive says it was Jeffrey who crossed somebody powerful. And it could be as simple as he beat up a wealthy kid or used to key (vandalize) Mercedes Benzes and hit the wrong one.

Revolution is over. There will never be another in affluent countries, where they do business, because they have a stake in the status quo.
I ask that you broadcast into space. Send a message illustrating the threat humanity faces. I include my message below as an example:

vehicle crash near walker afb, roswell, new mexico, united states, western hemisphere coordinates: 33 18' n 104 32' w :your technology has been taken by organized crime and is destroying families and decent people, has killed our leaders, created diseases, corrupted our society and ultimately will decimate the human population. you are responsible. come and take it back.

I have found two web sites that allow people to broadcast a message into space. I have this base covered, but I doubt this message is leaving the surface of the Earth. There is encouraging evidence, however: On January 12, 2001 there was a major sighting, which extended from Nebraska to Arizona. I am afraid, though, this was just the organization getting in some flight time.

I believe the majority, perhaps a vast majority, of violent crime that occurs in society today is a result of the tyrannical oppression of the Italian value system held dear by the Mafia, now Mafia, Inc. Their quest for legitimacy was successful.
Use a Ham radio, a CB, a creation like on the movie ET, anything that can broadcast a plea. This intelligent life form is responsible for much of the agony and pain our society feels, and humanity must issue a plea asking them to correct their mistake.

Yesterday hard work resulted in success. Tomorrow hard work will merely result in survival. Western civilization is devolving. This is the cause. Automation will have eliminated so many jobs, so many will be suffering, that there will come a time when society has disintegrated to a point where opposition, those with beliefs similar to those who struck back after the Lennon assassination, will no longer oppose action, tired of the ugliness, and there will be a mass killing, decimating the human population. And this is their style, the organization's policy and procedure: first they create the situation and use the results to justify their behavior.

I can't do it alone. All eyes are on me. I need help. Save yourselves. Save your children. Save your grandchildren. Broadcast into space.

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